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What are the advantages of suzhou Seagull brand hoist

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What are the advantages of suzhou seagull brand hoist

1. This kind of gourd has different specifications from 0.5t to 30t.

2. With the quality certification of CE GS and ISO9001.

3. The braking system adopts the structure of double ratchet wheel and double guide wheel.

What are the advantages of suzhou Haiou brand hoist

4. The hook adopts thickened reed pin type safety hook to prevent the hook from slipping out during hoisting.

5. G80 level chain adopts high quality alloy steel, high strength, fine welding, no short weight.

6, hand sprocket chain guide slot and chain reasonable tolerance, not easy to jump wrong and chain.

7, gear wear, smooth operation, easy to pull up smooth, light and labor-saving.

8. The test weight before delivery is 1.5 times of the rated load to ensure safe use.

The above is the advantages of seagull brand hoist, I hope to help you.

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