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The processing technology of "chain" of chain calabash is summarized

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Lifting chain is an important component of chain hoist. Many customers do not know the processing process of lifting chain, changshu seagull today for you to elaborate on several major processing process of lifting chain.

Hand calabash is also called chain calabash, why is it called chain calabash?


Because of the lifting chain and hand chain, the two kinds of chains are playing an important role in lifting the hand hoist.

The lifting chain is responsible for lifting heavy objects. The length of the lifting chain effectively determines the tonnage of lifting and the lifting height of the heavy objects.

It can be seen that the quality of the lifting chain determines the quality of the whole chain hoist. The lifting chain of changshu G80 hoist is adopted. High temperature quenching process. Both the lifting efficiency and the lifting strength of the hand hoist are generally higher. High quality processing technology can greatly improve the use effect and service life of the lifting chain. The following is the chain care lifting chain several important processing process:

1. Polish and polish

The surface layer of the chain needs to be polished and polished. The polished chain hoist can effectively smooth the uneven surface layer of the chain. After polishing, it will look more smooth. After polishing the lifting chain, the use is more smooth, can effectively avoid chain hoist in the use of the process of card chain.

2. Carburize and cook black

Carburizing black cooking process, can make the surface of the lifting chain black and shiny, effectively avoid the late rust. Increase the strength and toughness of the lifting chain. Lift the weight.

3. Zinc coating

Different from the black boiling process, the galvanized process of the chain surface is silver white. Surface galvanization can also avoid the later rusting and corrosion of hand - drawn gourd. The cost of galvanizing is higher than that of blackening. So the black cooking process is more widely used.

4. Other processes

In addition to the above several processes, some manufacturers will also be copper plating, chromium plating, electroplating, painting hanging plastic and other processes


The above is the processing process of lifting chain, choose hand pull calabash, must choose the normal manufacturer, avoid to buy a cut corners of the chain calabash!

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