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Is the thickness of chain hoist the key to hoist lifting?

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When purchasing chain gourd, many users think that the thicker the chain gourd is, the heavier the chain gourd will be and the more reliable it will be.

In fact, when purchasing chain calabash, the thickness of the chain is not the only standard to judge.

Chain hoist is a small lifting equipment, so lifting chain is one of the important parts of chain hoist.

But different chain hoist, because of its model, lifting tonnage, lifting method of different, lifting chain is also different, it can not be said that the thicker the lifting chain, the hand hoist can bear more weight.

Chain calabash has a single chain double chain, the length of the chain is also different. Sprocket and chain material selection, for the lifting effect is also very important.

Is the thickness of chain hoist the key to hoist lifting?

If you need to know the process of chain gourd, please refer to this article -- chain processing process summary

When buying chain calabash, you should not only look at the material and length of the chain. Also want to see whether the corresponding chain gourd manufacturer has the corresponding qualification.

Whether the production technology standards, whether the workmanship of spare parts exquisite.

Therefore, the thickness of the chain hoist chain is not the key to determine the chain hoist lifting, if you need to replace the new lifting chain, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer, replace the original lifting chain, do not blindly choose.

Suitable lifting chain can better cooperate with internal parts. Avoid unnecessary failures during use.

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