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How to improve the service life of hand-drawn gourd

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Changshu seagull lifting machinery co., LTD., with more than 30 years of experience in the production of lifting machinery, advanced technology and continuous innovation, the main products include hand-pull hoist, hand-pull hoist, electric pulley hoist, winch, manual trolley and so on.

Seagull small make up today to give you a summary, how to improve the life of the hand pull gourd

Why can someone else's hand pull a gourd to be used for several years, and their own hand pull a gourd always need to replace parts, at most one or two years will be replaced?

There are several reasons for the decrease of the service life of the hand-drawn gourd. Quick to see their usual use when there is no careless step on thunder?


First, pay attention to the rated lifting weight of hand hoist

When buying a hand-drawn hoist, the customer service staff will ask how much tonnage is needed and recommend the corresponding model.

When in use, some construction personnel may not understand the rated lifting weight of hand hoist, directly began to operate the construction, so may lead to often type of overload. Occasionally a small degree of overload, may not be the hand pull gourd have what effect. However, if this happens for a long time, the internal parts of the hand-drawn gourd will be damaged.

Second, make sure you use the hand hoist correctly

Hand hoist belongs to small lifting machinery, use should pay attention to the standard operation, to avoid the occurrence of safety hazards.

Do not pull the crane askew

The slanting crane will destroy the balance of the hand hoist, affect the matching between the chain wheel and the chain, and lead to chain jumping and chain stripping. Influence the service life of the hand-drawn gourd.

No sharp rise or fall

When lifting, should maintain uniform speed. Make sure everything rises and falls smoothly.

Long-term non-standard operation will speed up the loss of internal parts of the hand-drawn calabash and reduce the service life of the hand-drawn calabash.

Third, regular inspection and maintenance

At the end of each construction, the hand should pull the calabash cleaning work. Then store in a dry place.

Regular overhaul and maintenance should be carried out on the whole machine of hand hoist, the parts with serious wear should be replaced in time, and the lubricating oil should be added in time to reduce the wear among the parts and improve the service life.

In addition, the service life of hand-drawn calabash is also related to the working environment and frequency, but no matter what kind of working environment, timely maintenance can extend the life of hand-drawn calabash.

The above points can effectively improve the service life of the hand-drawn gourd.

Of course, the most important thing is to choose high-quality hand-drawn gourds when buying. Changshu sea gulls pay special attention to its strength and quality when producing hand-pulled gourds.

Changshu seagull chosen is high quality alloy steel manganese steel material, after Cui fire craft, reached grade G80 international standards. High strength, hard mass. Able to withstand great external pressure without deformation.

The shell adopts plastic spraying process and alloy steel housing, which can effectively reduce the damage caused by sun and rain or external impact on the hand hoist, and protect the internal parts well.

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