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How does the chain hoist realize the welding of the cement pole?

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Chain hoist is a kind of widely used small lifting equipment. Short distance lifting, traction, lifting, and calibration can be achieved. Many fields are widely used, changshu seagull today small make up here for you to introduce the application of chain hoist in the process of electric construction.

Electric construction is closely related to chain hoist. The appearance of chain hoist can help the workers to finish the welding work of electric poles faster and better.

You know, the power supply system if you need to complete the power supply. It is necessary to put the wire on the pole, because most of the poles now use reinforced concrete, the weight is very heavy, to the workers in the transport construction brought greater trouble. In order to facilitate transportation, cement poles need to be transported to the site of the application before welding. Welding requires rolling cement poles to complete. Not only is it a waste of manpower, it is also inefficient. And there are many hidden dangers, improper construction is prone to danger.

How can the poles be moved to the desired location efficiently and quickly? Chain gourds can play to his advantage.

How does the chain hoist realize the welding of the cement pole?

Chain hoist although the volume is small, but can hold dozens of tons of weight, cement pole nature is no longer under the word.

The workers first installed the steel chain below the chain hoist, and then fixed the steel chain and the pole. Then, by pulling the chain hoist, the steel chain could be used to realize the rotation and movement of the cement pole through the locking device. Calibration of several cement poles to be welded. High speed and labor-saving welding can be realized. The use of chain hoist not only improves the welding efficiency and quality of cement poles, but also reduces the potential safety hazards in construction and ensures the safety of construction personnel.

The above is the chain hoist is used in the electric power construction pole vertical welding of some content. Of course, there are many other wonderful USES of chain gourds waiting to be discovered.

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