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Hand pull calabash pull force become big ten million don't neglect!

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Hand pull calabash pull force become big ten million don't neglect!
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Hand hoist as a small daily lifting tools. Because it is easy to carry and easy to operate, it has been widely used. "Save effort and save time" is the reason why people use the hand gourd. But sometimes construction personnel in pulling hand pull calabash found: suddenly hand zipper can not pull or to use a lot of strength to pull. This means that the tension of the hand pulling gourd has increased.

Seagull small make up today to give you a summary of the hand pull gourd tension of the reasons.

The first thing to be clear is that if you find that the tension of hand pulling gourd has become larger, you must not pull hard. To avoid damaging the handle hoist. Hand-drawn calabash should be very easy to pull, if not, it must be a fault or wrong operator of the hand-drawn calabash.

Hand pull calabash pull force become big ten million don't neglect!

Reason 1: the wrong operation will cause the tension of the hand hoist to become larger.

1. The hand hoist is overloaded. The rated lifting weight of the hand hoist should be clear before use. If overload may not only cause the hand pull gourd tension become larger, more serious will cause fracture or weight fall.

2. It is known to all that the hand-pulled gourd is not allowed to be slung slanting. The wrong operation will affect the fit between the hand-pull chain and the hand-zipper wheel, resulting in the increase of the hand-pull force.

Reason 2: the tension of hand - drawn calabash becomes larger due to the damage of hand - drawn calabash

1. The chain of the hand-pulled calabash card makes it impossible to pull the hand-pulled calabash

2. The damage of the internal parts of the hand-drawn hoist results in the failure of the normal operation of the hand-drawn hoist.

3. Lack of lubrication, increased friction, resulting in larger tension of hand hoist. If the usual timely addition of grease, will lead to this problem.

The above is a summary of the reasons for the increase in tension of the hand-drawn gourd. In the daily use of this problem, the need to pull the hand gourd for maintenance, not blindly tough use. If any part is found to be damaged, it should be replaced in time. If you need help, please contact our online customer service directly.

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