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Electric hoist only can not go up how to do?

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Electric hoist in daily use will inevitably appear a variety of problems, today xiaobian for you to sort out the electric hoist under only a few reasons, for your reference.

Electric hoist is through the manual control of the button to achieve lifting. "Never go up" means you can't lift heavy objects. So what's the solution?


1. First check whether the voltage is normal.

Voltage too small will affect the motor operation, resulting in electric hoist can not lift.

2. Check whether the electric hoist circuit is normal

Whether the internal circuit of the electric hoist is short circuit, bad contact or broken connection, whether the main control circuit is out of order. As a result, the electric hoist cannot supply power normally.

3. Whether the button switch is normal

Electric hoist control button is also easy to miss. The button damage of electric hoist is generally due to long-term maintenance of electric hoist, electric hoist internal leakage condition for a long time to use, resulting in lifting hoist control button insulation damage.

4. The lifting chain

Check whether the lifting chain of the electric hoist is stuck.

5. Contactor

Observe whether the contactor is damaged and cannot work, and whether the main contact is adhered and cannot be disconnected. The motor can't lift.

Press the button, if you can hear the sound, it means the contactor is working. Check if the contactor is missing phase.

The newly bought electric hoist should check whether the wiring of the main circuit of the ascending contactor is correct. If the control button is "up and down" and the electric hoist can be realized, the two wires of the ascending contactor should be replaced. Specific can consult electrician technical personnel.

6. Stop

Check whether the fault fire limiter is normal. Short-circuit the ceiling limit to avoid miscalculation and then observe if the limit switch is stuck. If so, lubricate and reset the fire break limiter.

The above reasons may lead to the electric hoist only down. Here small make up to remind you at ordinary times when the use of electric hoist such as failure, should immediately stop using. So as not to burn the electric hoist, causing an accident.

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