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Production stable lifting equipment

Crane&Hoist No matter how large or small your operation and lifting needs are, Seagull can meet them with sufficient inventory and ready to ship.

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Seagull Since 1986 Committed to the solution and innovation of lifting solutions.

Changshu seagull crane&hoist machinery co.,ltd established on 1986, and reformed on 2000 by japan hhh And china-based partners. Seagull become a private limited company on 2008. Now seagull had more Than 30 years of experience on the lifting equipment area. We are constantly improving our Manufacturing methods, always looking for new advanced technologies and designs, and developing new Lifting products.

Seagull Since 1986

Stable quality is the first purpose of Seagull


Seagull adopts a quality management system in accordance to the strict ISO9001:2000. In addition, our electric chain hoist, manual hoist, snatch block are also accredited by German TUV CE, GS. The goal of Seagull is to produce stable lifting equipment at the most competitive price for all customers.

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100% QA qualified

We have advanced CNC machines, roll thread machines, cylindrical surface grinders, spark erosion machines, milling machines, auto destruction test machine , automatic endurance test machines, etc. We use strict production management and quality inspection to ensure the safety and stability of products in use.

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Our production strength Our production strength According to customer requirements and delivery dates, we ensure high-quality production

200,000 unitsAnnual output of various electric and manual hoists

150,000 unitsAnnual output of Geared trolley, Plain trolley, Lifting clamps, etc.


Our services Our services Quality, development, credibility, sincerity, cooperation and efficiency are the principles of Seagull.

12-month Quality warranty

LifetimeService guarantee


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Seagull provides the most reasonable price of lifting equipment based on stable quality. Need a quote, have a question. Contact Us.

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